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How can paleoecology inform conservation in a changing world? adobe_pdf_icon_logo_vector_03.png

Principal organizers : Stephen T. JACKSON - Morteza DJAMALI


Reciprocal benefits between practictioners, researchers and the biodiversity: a review of successful collaborations linking science and wildlife managementadobe_pdf_icon_logo_vector_03.png



Principal organizers : Aurélien BESNARD - Cédric DENTANT - Laurent TATIN - Alexandre MILLON


Paradox of the Mediterranean basin: an environment determined by heavy climatic and human factors, yet, with a remarkable biodiversity - The BIODIVMEX program adobe_pdf_icon_logo_vector_03.png

Principal organizers : Virginie BALDY - Yildiz THOMAS



 Conservation of biodiversity in the Mediterranean: how to link science and policy?adobe_pdf_icon_logo_vector_03.png

Principal organizer : Patrick GRILLAS - Wolfgang CRAMER


Advances in landscape ecologyadobe_pdf_icon_logo_vector_03.png

Principal organizer : Benjamin BERGEROT - Françoise BUREL - Aude ERNOULT - Clélia SIRAMI

Annee du paysage


Connectivity dynamics: patterns, processes, predictionsadobe_pdf_icon_logo_vector_03.png

Principal organizers : Björn REINEKING - Laurent BERGES

logo irsteaAnnee du paysage


Effects of semi-natural habitats on pest insects and natural enemies: the role of habitat quality and spatial distributionadobe_pdf_icon_logo_vector_03.png

Principal organizers : Claire LAVIGNE - Armin BISCHOFF

INRA_logo.jpgAnnee du paysage


Ecological and biogeographical consequences of global change on biodiversity dynamics of islandsadobe_pdf_icon_logo_vector_03.png

Principal organizer : Frédéric MEDAIL


Adapting forests to climate change adobe_pdf_icon_logo_vector_03.png

Principal organizers : Bruno FADY - Sylvie ODDOU-MURATORIO



Biological invasions and their management: bridging ecological to sociological considerations adobe_pdf_icon_logo_vector_03.png

Principal organizers : David RENAULT - Olivier CHABRERIE - Thomas GUILLEMAUD - Jacques HAURY - Marie-Laure DESPREZ-LOUSTAU - Frédéric SIMARD



Ecological impacts of climate change in Polar Regionsadobe_pdf_icon_logo_vector_03.png

Principal organizers : Yan ROPERT-COUDERT - Marc LEBOUVIER - David RENAULT



Chemical Mediation in Ecosystemsadobe_pdf_icon_logo_vector_03.png

Principal organizers : Anne-Geneviève BAGNERES - Catherine FERNANDEZ



Evolutionary ecology of non genetic inheritance and epigenetics adobe_pdf_icon_logo_vector_03.png

Principal organizer : Benoit PUJOL - Christophe GRUNAU - Arnaud SENTIS 

GDR PlasPhenLOGO_reseau_epigenet_en_ecol_et_evol.png


Microbiota under omics spotlights adobe_pdf_icon_logo_vector_03.png

Principal organizer : Denis FAURE - Jean-Christophe Simon - Dominique Joly


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