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Meeting Outline and Symposia
Meeting Outline and Symposia
Meeting Outline and Symposia

Key topics

Sfécologie 2016 will host ca. 500 oral contributions and 400 posters covering most conceptual domains of ecology. 20 broad key topics are proposed in order to sort submitted contributions. These broad topics aim to be transversal among biomes, in particular we will encourage submissions on both terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

        • Agricultural ecology
        • Behavioural ecology 
        • Biological invasions
        • Chemical ecology
        • Conservation biology, policies and management
        • Ecophysiology
        • Ecosystems functioning and dynamics
        • Evolutionary ecology
        • Genetics and molecular ecology
        • Global change
        • Health and biodiversity
        • Landscape ecology
        • Long-term ecology
        • Macro-ecology & biogeography
        • Networks and biotic interactions
        • Parasites, pathogens and disease
        • Population and community ecology
        • Restoration ecology
        • Socio-ecosystems and ecological services
        • Soil ecology, biogeochemistry and plant-soil interactions 
        • Urban ecology
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